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5 Most Expensive Phones in the World – 2016

Since people began to worry more about having a fancy lifestyle and full of luxury, the smartphone industry began to create unique and extremely expensive items. Some companies have launched gold edition for your smartphones, while other brands have created unique devices. Although they are not for everyone, if you are very rich and want a phone to flaunt around, it might be a good idea to add these gems to your collection of luxury items.


Credits: Unknown
Tag Heuer Link – Credits: Unknown

The Tag Heuer is a luxury brand and a well-known watch brand. It is famous for its high quality and wonderful watches. When the Tag launched the Tag Heuer Link Smartphone in 2011, everyone was surprised by its entry in the limited market of luxury phones. Using the operating system Android 2.2 Froyo, it was an incredible device with unique dimensions. Although it contains all the latest features, few people could get their hands on a Tag Heuer Link due to the high cost of approximately US $6,700.


Credits: Unknown
Blackberry Porsche – Credits: Unknown

When we hear the name Porsche, immediately we think of the manufacturer of luxury cars, known throughout the world. However, when the Blackberry launched its edition Porsche Design, unfortunately, the device doesn’t seem to have been inspired by acclaimed brand. Blackberry has been the market leader in the smartphone industry for a few years and lost its throne, and this luxurious version has not helped the company to return to the top. While counting on the BB7 OS operating system, the phone received a negative reply from the public even with its competitive price (for the luxury market) of approximately U$ 1,800.


Credits: Gene Wang
Vertu Constellation – Credits: Gene Wang

Made from sapphire crystal and calfskin, and powerful features, this device caught the smartphone industry’s eye. The 4.3 HD display, an efficient camera, and innovative design made it an extremely luxurious option, which uses, unfortunately, was restricted to the high society.

Costing approximately US $ 5,700, it’s just a dream for most smartphone users.


Credits: Unknown
Dior Reverie – Credits: Unknown

This is probably the most expensive smartphone of all. It is made of 18 carats white gold and has 1,539 diamonds and 46 pieces of iridescent pearls. Price? Around US $116,000. All devices are manufactured in France and each unit is unique. Well, you can also buy a wonderful gem and a luxury mobile phone instead of spending so much on this smartphone.


Credits: Unknown
Tonino Lamborghini Antares – Credits: Unknown

This is the most beautiful smartphone of the list, as it shows certain design elements inspired by the legendary manufacturer of Lamborghini sports cars. To complement this magnificence, Lamborghini launched many leather covers that makes it look even more luxurious and fancy. For those who want one, you need to shell out somewhere around US $4,000.

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