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Game of Thrones, David Benioff Gets Standing Ovation at Comic-Con

“GoT”: Hodor gets standing ovation at Comic-Con and apologizes for making fans cry

A character that has left “Game of Thrones” was the big star of the series panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Going up on stage, the actor Kristian Nairn,  Hodor’s interpreter, brought the house down, who received him shouting name your character. “I did not expect it [the impact of death] to be so crazy.  I’m really, really flattered as well. It’s blown my mind. I was in a hotel in L.A. recently and all their doorstops said ‘Hodor’ on them,” said the actor, referring to the origin of the character’s name .


In the series, it was revealed that Hodor comes from the contraction of the phrase “hold the door”. “I didn’t expect the outpouring of emotion”, he said. To hear fans saying he made them cry, Kristian apologized and added: “But Was it crying in a good way at least? So I did a good job”.


The origin of Hodor name, incidentally, was one of the details revealed by the writer George R. R. Martin to the series creators. “He (Martin) gave us these characters, this world. We went to Santa Fe three or four years ago, there he told us where he came from the Hodor name. We were impressed. This name sounds like a joke, but then you realize the where it came from and it is so tragic, as George RR Martin,” said producer David Bennioff, commenting on the relationship of the series with the saga”, a Song of Ice and Fire “by George RR Martin. Now that the series has left the books back, Martin not yet published the sixth book and the series has already finished the sixth season.


“Some things will be different, others will be the same. We expect both viewers as readers are surprised,” Benioff said.


Early Season

Benioff also said a decision that left many fans disappointed: postpone the start of the seventh season of April 2017 to June. “We cannot finish the post-production before the summer,” he said, revealing that end recording only in February 2017. The seventh season will have only seven chapters.

The late filming had already been explained, as winter finally arrived in Westeros, would not be able to film during the summer, because the production needs more gray days.

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