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How to Get Instagram Followers Fast!

Instagram has blown up the past few years it’s been around. Not only do regular people like you and me use it but celebrities also use it. What’s the big fuss about Instagram and why did Facebook buy it?


Instagram has a lot of pictures… let’s just say everything on there is pictures. More pictures than words. There is still text but not as much as you would see on Facebook or Twitter. Not only should you think that Instagram is going to be around for a good few years but you should also think about how to get followers on Instagram.


There are no “hacks” or any software you can download to instantly follow whoever you want it to follow. We’ll give you a few tips of how to get Instagram followers the right way.


1. Content, content, content

You want to show a picture of something that would catch someone’s eye, not just a picture of a book on a table. A picture of you or of nature would perfectly do since it would catch the user’s eye.

Credits: Christopher Campbell
Credits: Christopher Campbell


2. Use hashtags!

Hashtags can be used in Instagram posts. If you’re posting a picture of nature, you can use #nature or #beautiful. For a car, you can use #car or #bmw. You get the point 😉

Here is a list of hashtags you can use that receives the most attention from people:

Credits: irfanahmad1989
Credits: irfanahmad1989


3. Follow others

This is a method many people use. You can follow people that you’re really interested or is an inspiration and you can hope they follow you back.

Credits: ijmaki
Credits: ijmaki


We hope you will get a good follower count on your Instagram account. If you have any questions, let me know below. Good luck! 🙂

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