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How to Make Money Online Fast – Detailed and Explained

There are so many guides as to how to make money online, quick and easy. Not all guides tell you that it requires a lot of time, initial money to start (investment), and persistence. This article is not going to waste your time. Everything in this article is as legitimate as it gets. So let’s get started.


So I heard you want to make money fast and easy right? Well nothing worth having comes easy. If you’re looking for a way to literally get rich quick in 10 minutes or less, I suggest you leave because you’re not going to find that here. What you’re going to find here is learning to make money online the real way; there’s techniques to everything you will do.


There are a few ways to make money the fast and easy way online that I’m going to present you with. Hold on tight because this information will blow you out of your chairs, or whatever you may be sitting on at this moment.


I’m going to start by saying this: There is no right way to be rich. It’s just like; there is no right way to eat food. You can eat with a fork or you can eat with chopsticks. You can even eat food with your fingers. The ultimate goal is to get your food into your mouth. But there are “right ways” to get you there fast and efficient. You should never believe that you will get rich over night with no work. Things worth having doesn’t come easy. You can’t just go into the Lamborghini dealership and expect to purchase a Lamborghini without any money. You can’t expect to have money or get rich without working or doing anything to earn it. Here are a few things you will need to get started.


What you will need:

  1. Computer
  2. Internet
  3. A brain and common sense


Many people think you can set something up and have it run without doing any maintenance or anything to it. This rarely happens; if ever. You will need to put in a lot of time and effort. Let’s start with the first way to make money online; fast and easy.


1. Product flipping

Credits: Bench Accounting
Credits: Bench Accounting

Product flipping is buying a product and then selling it for a higher price. This kind of practice can also be known as dropshipping. You might be asking, “How can I do this if someone can easily find a cheaper price for what I’m selling it at?” Good question. You’re going to need a few secret sites. Check out Alibaba, AliExpress, and DHGate. These are wholesale websites where you can buy products in bulk for cheaper; much cheaper. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you’re wanting to resell iPhone 6 phone cases on Amazon and/or eBay. You can get some cheap clear cases for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus for $0.02 or 2 cents per piece! The catch is you have to buy in bulk. This depends on the seller on these wholesale websites. Some may require you to buy 200 pieces at a time or some may require you to buy 1000 pieces at a time. You can then resell your product on Amazon, eBay, or your own website for however much you want to sell it for.


This also brings me to this point: Setup your own online shop!

Setup a shop online with Shopify or something of the similar. Here is some more information about dropshipping.


2. Start your own freelancing business

Credits: FirmBee
Credits: FirmBee

There are many freelancing websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, etc… These sites allow you to create a personal or company profile. Many people get the wrong idea of freelancing; it’s not all programming/computer related work. Many people want articles written, want SEO (search engine optimization), videos, or even graphics to be made. Not all freelancers are programmers. Remember, there is a lot of competition with freelancers, so you may need to mark your prices down to the point where you’re not even making money when you’re just starting out until you get some good reviews and people trust you. Also remember that reviews mean everything. I mean everything. People look at reviews more than pricing. People like good quality. Most people would rather pay more for good quality. My suggestion is always deliver good quality work no matter how hard it is. It will do you good in the long run.


3. Make videos

Credits: Teono123
Credits: Teono123

You might be thinking, “So many people are doing it, how can I make money by doing this?” There’s good news. If I may say, there’s really good news. Make videos on things you love. I can almost guarantee you that there’s millions of other people that have the same interest as you that want to watch what you’re doing. I’ll give you some examples. Let’s say you have a strong interest in fixing bikes. You can do bike fixing tutorials and upload them to YouTube to make money. There are so many people out there willing to watch what you have to offer to them. Just make sure the videos you make good quality, both content and vision. In order to monetize your videos and have Google pay you for the views you get on your videos, you’re going to need a Google AdSense account. Signing up takes a few minutes and is free.


4. Start a blog


If you’re good with promoting and SEO (search engine optimization), you can be making thousands of dollars per month. This is the ultimate way to make money online, if you can get people to use your website. Setting up a blog and writing blog articles is easy but getting millions and millions of people to visit and use your blog is going to take a long time and a lot of hard work. SEO can take years to get going and can take a lot of money and effort if you’re hiring someone to do it for you. I must say that SEO takes a while to learn and is a very time consuming task. To give you a tip, you want to have A+, top-notch, HQ (high quality) content; no matter what. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, you’re going to need to put in a lot of effort. Visitors do not come easy so do your best to keep them!


5. Become an affiliate!

Credits: Kash Goudarzi
Credits: Kash Goudarzi

If you’re good at marketing, you will make thousands of dollars a week. It’s possible to even make a few thousand dollars a day by doing this. There are many affiliate programs out there. A simple Google search will do you good. So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is helping people market and promote their products. I will break down how everything works for you.

  1. You sign up for a platform/website
  2. You pick a product to advertise
  3. You are given a link or something of the similar to advertise
  4. When someone purchases a product using your link, you will get paid a percentage.

It’s really that easy. You just have to promote it. Some people are willing to give you 50% of the product. For example, if you advertise an eBook and someone buys the eBook for $100 using the link you give them, you will be given $50 just like that! Imagine if 100 people buys them… $50 x 100 = $5000! That’s just in one product. Some platforms/websites allow you to promote multiple items at one time. You can advertise this product almost any way you like. Just make sure to read the terms of service, rules, instructions, and guidelines. Make sure to give people your personalized link or whatever they may give you! This will help the owners of the website and product track your progress. That is how they will know if someone buys the product from you or not. This will give you a chance to earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a week.


I really hope you learned a few things from these things. The main important points of making money online fast is to never give up and be persistent. For example, don’t post a blog article once a day for a week and then call it off. That won’t do you any good. Make sure you’re really trying hard to make money online. As long as you try and give it some time, you’ll be making a whole sum of money in no time! Good luck!


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to guarantee you to make money. This is purely educational and everything you decide to do is at your own risk.

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