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What Made Pokemon Go Disappear So Fast?

Pokemon Go has almost disappeared. To start this off right, yes, there are still people in this world that play Pokemon Go. What was the reason for the large amount of people deleting Pokemon Go from their phone for good?

It’s not hard to tell that people would rather sit on the couch and watch TV than exercise. A huge part of the reason why people have totally abandoned the game is because they’re sick and tired of walking around and moving every time they want to play the game. Or it could be that Pokemon Go was just a phase everyone was into when it came out.


So what caused people to want to play it in the first place? Well, Pokemon Go was a really good game in the past and it was almost everyone’s childhood game. We all loved to play it on the Gameboy or the Nintendo DS. So we’d thought playing it on a device that almost everyone nowadays have would be pretty reasonable.

Another reason why Pokemon Go caught everyone’s attention was becauseĀ of the marketing strategy. Pokemon Go made an awesome YouTube video before it launched as well as other ads which caught people’s attention. This gave it some fuel to grow.

The last reason why it caught people’s attention was because you got to compete with people in real life by claiming gym’s and acquiring items like Pokeballs. This gave people the incentive to play the game more and to even lose sleep.


Pokemon Go was a great game while it lasted. While some people may still be playing it, the game is almost completely gone. Many people have moved on to other games that don’t require them to exercise, walk, or run, or they have better stuff to do. Whatever the reason may be, we wish Pokemon Go the best of luck.


On the other hand, which game will be the next viral game? Let us know in the comments.

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