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Controversy Between Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian

Starting as a cute little country singer and acting now like a fashion and pop culture icon, Taylor Swift has always turned heads and made it to the magazine headlines. She was inspired by Shania Twain’s songs and started writing her own songs before she was 14.


But since the beginning of her musical career, Taylor Swift’s personal relationships were highly publicized and were under the spotlight. The most controversial one is not a romantic one but is her relationship with Kanye West. In 2009, Taylor Swift’s “You belong with me” won Best Female Video and this made her the first country music singer to win MTV Video Music Award. During her speech, she was interrupted by Kanye West who jumped on stage, grabbed the mic and said that her song was great and all but Beyoncé’s song was one of the greatest of all times, a comment that offended both Taylor and Beyoncé equally. By the time he was done, Taylor’s time on the stage was out. This strange incident caused many controversy and internet memes.


Kanye later apologized to her and her fans but this was just the beginning. Taylor Swift acknowledged that she accepted his apology and even joked about the incident during later interviews but there has always been a glimpse of bitterness concerning this issue. Kanye later tweeted about how talented she is, talked about it on TV and even shamed himself for doing it and apologized in public saying that he wouldn’t want anyone to interrupt his daughter. She was seen on several occasions with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian and it all seemed like there would be finally some world peace. However, this dreamy picture was yet to be interrupted by another outrageous action from one of the best rappers of all times.


As he introduced his song “Famous”, there was a line that was considered offensive by Taylor, her fans and….well, all the modern world.  This time, Kanye assured everybody that the lyrics were revised by Taylor and that she offered her blessings, a claim that was denied over and over again by Taylor. These controversial lyrics by Kanye, did for sure send these two, hundreds of steps again as they started this time a media war between the fans on Twitter. Her team said that Kanye asked her to promote the song by releasing it on her Twitter account but she was never aware of the actual lyrics which called her the “B” word. Taylor herself remained silent, but her brother, her fans and other celebrities were very angry with Kanye. She tried to maintain her image as a poised strong willed woman during the whole drama. Kanye’s wife Kim supported him and said that he called Taylor Swift for her approval and that she denied it later to play victim. She even claimed that the phone call between her husband and Taylor was recorded. Kanye didn’t stop there, with the release of the music video; everybody just couldn’t believe their eyes or how far he has gone. There in bed, right next to Kanye, was a lifelike waxwork that looked exactly like Taylor. Again she remained quiet, but other celebrities didn’t.


The controversy remains and these two manage to make it to the headlines together, not in a duet that would make both their fan teams happy, but in weird and childish like fights that nobody ever gets.

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