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Stranger Things Was Automatically Generated and What Else?

Oh, ‘Stranger Things’ was born from algorithms! And?

Two weeks ago, ‘Stranger Things’ debut on Netflix and since then, talks of other things do not exist. The mix of adventure, science fiction, and horror; the TV series is a tribute, with explicit references to the 1980’s. The result: the absolute success of public and critics.


Well, about critics, more or less. As is customary when a work is successful, always comes to class to see some “buts” and a “snags”.


Now a staff has been complaining that Netflix has used algorithms to create the series: namely, they researched everything that your target audience likes, what you miss etc., crossed data and put in a script that made the series. It seems that the same had been done in ‘House of Cards’.


What the fans think: Where will it end? Will we have TV series only appeal to the public to satisfy the demands without surprise? Oh, for Pete’s sake, my people. This has been done gazillion years ago. Hollywood does hearing tests since Hitchcock times.


And what about soap operas? These works are open to change chapters, always paddling public taste – and sometimes exaggerating both the concession that ends up turning into an incoherent section, in which villains becomes saints and couples fall apart for nothing.


The Netflix’s TV series try to satisfy the tastes of its consumers, but do not change over the episodes as a soap opera. There is also something that does not seem to be taken into account by detractors: ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘House of Cards’ are successful because they are, above all, amazing series – well written, with good performances and engaging stories. That, my friends, is worth more than any algorithm.


Of course, we do not want series and movies that end up the way that the public test has decided. By the way, wasn’t a few times when Hollywood fell flat on your face trying to sell fictions that were “face” of your target audience. But to put it shortly: it is inevitable that they use algorithms to create TV series that at least have quality.

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