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Trump and Clinton Using Pokemon Go

Teams of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaign did not hesitate to take advantage of the success of Pokémon Go game to try to seduce future voters, especially the younger ones.

“These two Pokemon traders just registered to vote!,” tweeted Joe Makielski, one of the leaders of the Democratic Party in Colorado, along with a picture of two boys who will choose the next president of the United States on 8 November.


Inspired by the title invented by Nintendo for 20 years, this augmented reality game allows users to hunt virtual creatures in the real world and make them fight between them.

Last week, Clinton said in a speech to her Democratic electorate that wanted to take advantage of this global phenomenon to reach potential voters.

“I don’t know who created ‘Pokemon Go,’ but I’ve tried to figure out how we get them to have Pokemon Go to the polls,” she said.


So far, his campaign members took to the streets of the country in search of players to capture your attention for a few minutes and get to register on the electoral lists.

In an act that occurred recently in the state of Ohio (north), the Clinton team also invited citizens to go through a module where they could get free Pokémon as “learn more about the Secretary (of State) Hillary Clinton.”


Trump did not get left behind. His New York skyscraper “Trump Tower” has become a very popular stop among users of this game. Last week, his Republican campaign posted a video, parodying Hillary as a Pokémon.

Created by Niantic Labs along with Nintendo and its subsidiary The Pokémon Company, the free application has been downloaded by 75 million people.

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