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Will Hillary Clinton Be President?

Born in Chicago, in 1947, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is an American politician and is nominee of Democratic Party of Presidential seat of USA in 2016 elections. After serving as First Lady of Arkansas from 1979 to 1982 and from 1983 till 1992, and as First United States Lady, she served as a United State Senator representing New York from 2001 and 2009, during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, 1993-2001 and as the Secretary of State in 2009-2013. She is considered the first lady ever to have sought elective office.


Hillary Clinton said that if elected President, she would push for legislation showing “effective” exposure of political expenditure by outside groups. She defends capitalism and thinks that it is what built the middle class in the United States of America as families started small businesses to provide for themselves and to create jobs in the community. She proposed a new number of tax credits that experts explained, are more likely to make the tax code more complex and would decrease encouragements. In her plan, she encourages states to expand Medicaid, allowing more people to enrol without harming present beneficiaries. She has indicated support for burning tax benefits from companies that delegate tasks international she and explained that she will endorse companies working in the fields of clean energy, infrastructure, scientific and medical research to renewing permits for existing nuclear power plants that are safe to operate and increasing public investment in advanced nuclear power. She also proposed to raise the minimum wage to be $12 per hour.


Hillary Clinton’s policies and opinions towards immigration, terrorism and human rights have quite changed over time. Her policy towards immigrants seems to be contradicting at some points. In a way it seems to be more “tolerant” as she is proposing to promote for the naturalization of the estimated lawful nine million permanent residents who are eligible for becoming US citizens and at the same time promotes the “humane” immigration enforcement by ending family detention and closing private detention centers, but still deporting those who represent a danger to public safety which will raise questions to how “humane” can government officials go with regards to all the reported incidents of human rights violations against potential suspects. Hillary Clinton has always been against illegal immigration and has always said that people should not hire any. She opposed a proposal to give illegal immigrants a driver’s licence even if they were working hard, respecting the law and ready to pay all taxes. She also said that children who crossed the boarders should be sent home as soon as possible to be reunited with their families and asked for more boarder security. Hillary Clinton has always been an emphatic and insistent supporter of Israel and has often defended the West Bank Barrier as explaining that it is Israel’s right to defend itself even it led to hardships suffered by the Palestinian people. She has said that the United States’ safety and national security is more important than human rights, a statement that raises alarms concerning the violation of human rights especially against non-Americans in the American detention facilities. She voted for the war against Afghanistan and Iraq and later regretted the decision but failed to admit it was a mistake. She was against same-sex marriages and later agreed with the concept and said that every family has the right to choose. She explained that as a person she has evolved over time and this is why her opinions have changed.


So would Hillary make it to the White House again and this time in the leading role? Will she be the first woman elected as President of the United States? Her family and supporters are positive of that but polls results change every day and only time will tell.

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