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Trump Will Make America Great Again

Should we trust Donald Trump to make America great again?

An American businessman, billionaire, TV personality, author, and politician. There is nothing left on Donald Trump’s to do list except being the President of the United States, which he decided to run for in 2016 as the nominee of the Republican Party. Because his life has always received prominent media exposure, Trump’s running for the presidency has caused a lot of controversy in America and all over the world due to the nature of his opinions. He was born in 1946 in New York City and worked for his father’s real estate firm which he assumed control for in 1973. He has then started the Trump organization and has engaged in so many diverse business ventures as well as personal affairs that have always kept him on the spot.


Donald Trump’s comments have always been under the spotlight, especially the ones regarding illegal immigrants which tend to be racist in nature. His comments have always been offensive ever since his campaign rally in 2015, where he said that Mexicans who choose to come to America are mainly drug dealers and rapists, even though Latinos and Hispanics make up about 17% of the total US population. He even announced several times that a great wall should be built between America and Mexico, a statement that was so offensive that even the Chairman of the Republican Party has described as non-reflective of the party’s policies. Having been married to Ivana and Melania Trumps who are not originally Americans, his statements seem to be disconnected from reality. His statements against Muslims are no different since he proposed supporting of database tracking of all Muslims in the USA, whether they are American citizens or not, in addition to the surveillance of mosques.


He has repeatedly requested that Muslims should be banned from entering the USA. This statement caused an international backlash that was discussed over the media for a long time, even in other countries. He called African Americans thugs and lashed racist comments against Barack Obama after the incidents in Baltimore. Donald Trump is also known for his comments against women, which were publicized as “war against women”. That included fat shaming a TV personality and making fun of another for being a woman in nature.


Donald Trump has also publicly announced that his wife Melania doesn’t actually argue with him, showing very anti-feminist and demeaning attitude. He has always called women beautiful, sweet, and ugly or made fun of them. His wife was wrongfully advised to quote from Michelle Obama’s speech during the first night of the Republican National Convention, an incident that further supported the claim that Trump doesn’t believe in women’s ability to think or speak for themselves. He even said that he would be dating his own daughter if she wasn’t his daughter….a creepy comment that might belong to the dark ages. Donald Trump doesn’t offer a clear view concerning tax reforms or legal bills but seems to be benefiting from all the free media exposure he gets which has succeeded in promoting his name as a candidate among blue-collar voters. His promotion for all White America might be especially appealing to less educated Americans in the Midwest but doesn’t eliminate the fact that he sometimes won the poll results, a conclusion that could be attributed to the fact that his opponent Hillary Clinton is not as popular.


So with the elections approaching, one might be surprised that Trump supporters actually increase in number and people find some sense in his outrageous comments, statements, and tweets. Which makes one wonder… will banning people from their right to live, think, love and grow is what it takes to make America great again?


We’ll see who becomes President.

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