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First Delegations Welcomed with Joy After Arriving to Olympic Village

The first delegations who arrived in the Olympic Village were welcomed with joy

The Olympic Village saw on Friday, a week before the official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, presentation and flag raising ceremony of the first hosted delegations for the Games: Botswana, Maldives, and Malawi.


This ceremony is traditional in Olympic issues and will take place with all delegations, with the anthem of each. The presentation at the Rio’s Village is a walk through the history of Brazilian music. Through all decades and rhythms and famous songs like Expresso 222, Do Leme ao Pontal, Caetano Veloso, Tim Maia and Clara Nunes. The flora also is highlighted with a reminiscent scenario of the Amazon jungle.


“The idea is to take a tour through the history of Brazilian culture and music, with all the rhythms. Show this culture to whom is visiting the country,” toldĀ  Patrick Sampaio, writer, choreographer, and director of the ceremony.


The today’s three nations are tiny in terms of the mobilized contingent for the Games. Malawi has only one athlete, and the Maldives only two. Botswana already arrives with a slightly larger group, with 14 athletes.

The competitors were all smiling and not disguised the satisfaction in being the pioneers to open the official presentations in hosting’s delegations complex. Even in small numbers, they showed pride for the moment. They join to the dance with the presenters.

“It’s very nice to be here, a dream. Brazil has an incredible atmosphere of energy, people are very friendly. And with all this, has very good food here, “said Gavin Mogopa, judo athlete from Botswana.


The marathoner Tereza Master, Malawi also reported the emotion at the moment of opening the first official ceremony of athletes. “I am very happy to be here,” she said.


“It was amazing, I loved Brazilian music and the party. It remembers to the Malawi relaxed atmosphere,” said swimming coach Yori Walesi.

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