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Lesser Known Reasons Behind the Popularity of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the neighboring countries of India, once a part of United India, now flourishing with great leaps in all aspects from education to military expertise and gaining a spot for itself in the world. Bangladesh has had a very rough history. The country had its share of violence and unstable governments. But, in recent times, it has developed at a surprising rate. Bangladesh has taken the world by surprise with its innovative ways of solving its problems. Today, it has a stable and rising economy and is home to over 160,000,000 people, eighth largest in the world. Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per Capita is over 830 Billion USD.

Unlike India and Pakistan, the currency of Bangladesh is known as Taka. Bangladesh has considerably advanced in the human aspects of society. In the areas of gender equality, life expectancy, child health etc. It has improved significantly in the past few years. Islam is the most prominent religion in the country, followed by Hinduism. Bangladesh still faces a lot of problems like corruption, poverty, illiteracy etc. But, it is improving with every passing day. It has welcomed companies and has progressively helped its businesses.

Bangladesh is famous for its beaches, markets and numerous rivers. Bangladesh Cricket team is one of the popular international cricket teams. It is a constant team in many international tournaments and it has also helped give recognition to the country on a global level. Its cricket team is one of the best in the world and has surely played a vital role in its popularity. It is one of the main reasons for the country’s popularity. There are many lesser known reasons too. The wild life in Bangladesh is very diverse and has one of its kind animals such as the Royal Bengal Tiger. But, in recent times, one thing has surely accounted for the country’s steep rise in popularity, it is their medical education for foreign students.

Medical education in Bangladesh is of supreme quality. It has a few of the best medical colleges of the world. Many students from many countries fly in for studying in Bangladeshi colleges and med schools. It also has some good hospitals which are in demand for quality medical professionals, making it a land of opportunities for medical students. The rise in the quality of education has surely helped its cause. Medical education in Bangladesh has been a blessing for the country as its medical schools continue to create bright professionals each year.

MBBS in Bangladesh is very popular, both inside the country and in foreign nations. Especially in India, many students have gone to Bangladesh to pursue their medical education. This is because of many reasons. Firstly, the quality of education is very good and most of the colleges in Bangladesh are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Also, it has a curriculum that is very similar to Indian medical education and this is very beneficial to students who are willing to return to India after their studies in Bangladesh. The country also has the highest passing rate in the MCI screening test, which is used by the MCI to give medical licenses to foreign doctors or Indian doctors with degrees from other nations who want to practice in India.

Also, the cost of studying medicine in India is very high for private colleges and universities. In Bangladesh, it is considerably cheaper and also has a very good quality of education. The accommodation costs are also pretty low and this has enabled many Indian students to go to Bangladesh for pursuing medicine. Many colleges in Bangladesh are recognized worldwide and international students coming to the country for education has surely boosted the country’s development.

Bangladesh has created a place for itself in the world. Its medical education and great educational institutions have come in very handy to attract foreign students and create better medical professionals. The country is developing rapidly and is expected to rise in the near future. With many innovative solutions and corroborative efforts, Bangladesh has solved many of its problems better than its neighbors. It has become a stable country and has a lot of be proud of, not just its beaches and cricket team. Bangladesh is expected to become one of the brightest third world countries.

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