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Top Colleges to study MBA in Europe

Europe is known for providing quality education and has some excellent business schools that students look up to. Though most of us have a mindset that forces us to look at the United States of America when it comes to higher education, we have to understand that we cannot afford to overlook the European universities especially if we are considering studying an MBA program. Let’s take a quick look at a few of them:

Bocconi University – Situated in Milan, this Italy based University houses SDA Bocconi School of Management which was founded in 1971. It is ranked 6th within Europe by Financial Times and Bloomberg Businessweek. In the Financial Times Global MBA rankings it appears on No. 31. With a Triple Crown accreditation, it is one of the most popular places among students. It offers three types of MBA programs:

  • MBA – Full-time program, taught in English, duration – 1 Year.
  • Executive MBA – This weekend/modular program is not offered in English and hence ruled out for most international students.
  • Global Executive MBA –Executive/Part-time program, taught in English, duration -18 Months.

IE Business School – Established in 1973, IE Business School is located in Spain. Ranked as the 3rd Best European Business School, it enjoys an excellent reputation. It is ranked 3rd by Financial Times 2017 for being the Best Business School in Europe. On the Financial Times Global MBA rankings, it shares space with SDA Bocconi by being at No. 31.

  • International MBA – Full-time program, taught in English or Spanish, duration – 1 Year.
  • Global MBA – Online program, taught in English, duration – 17 Months.
  • Executive MBA – Online + Madrid + 2 optional international weeks, taught in English, Duration – 15 Months.

INSEAD Business School – This France based business school is regarded very highly by most experts in this field. It proudly flaunts its No. 3 ranking on the Financial Times Global MBA rankings. With six years of average work experience and a 709 average GMAT score it indeed is a competitive school to get into. Its student body represents 94 nationalities and consists of 33% women.

  • MBA – Full-time Program, taught in English, duration – 10-Months, campus – France or Singapore.
  • Global Executive MBA – Modular/Part-time, duration – 14 to 17 Months, Campus – Abu Dhabi, France, and Singapore

ESADE Business School – ESADE, considered as one of the elite business schools is located in Spain. It ranks at No. 21 globally and at No. 7 for being the best program in Europe on the Financial Times Global MBA rankings. Its tailor-made management program gives a truly international experience to all its participants. 51 Nationalities with 97% of them being Non-Spanish; imagine the kind of diversity one can expect as part of its MBA program.

  • MBA – Full-time Program, taught in English, duration – 12, 15 or 18 Months, campus – Barcelona – Sant Cugat.
  • Executive MBA – Formats – Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly, Duration – 16 months, Campus – Barcelona and Madrid.

Warwick Business School – Ranked at No. 36 by the FT Global MBA rankings Warwick is a top class business school located in Coventry, England. According to the Economist, its Full-time MBA program is ranked No. 1 in the UK and No. 18 globally. The Entrepreneurship Specialism, Consultancy Project and myriad networking opportunities make Warwick Business School the perfect study destination.

  • MBA – Full-time Program, duration – 12-Months
  • Executive MBA – Duration – 2 Years (can be extended into the third year, if need be and at no extra cost.), Format – online and on-campus both.

These are the Top 5 Business schools in Europe that impart the best of the management education. However, be informed there are many other good business schools that are not included in this list. It is always advisable to run yourself through the entire list of schools located in the destination you have chosen for yourself and map your expectations from the program to what it has to offer. Happy Applying!

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